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Rest In Peace, Marc Orchant

by Brandon on December 9th, 2007

It was with great shock and sadness this evening that I read of Marc Orchant’s death.  I didn’t know Marc well, or even that he was being hospitalized because of a heart attack.  I first met him at the “MSN Search Champs V2” event back in 2005.  Over those few days he made a great and lasting impression.  I fondly remember geeking out with him at one of Scoble’s “geek dinner” events at the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, talking about nifty uses for Tablet PCs.  I looked forward to the next time our paths would cross, and am deeply saddened that they never will again.

Even though I only met Marc a few times, I didn’t need more than that to know he was a good man.  My deepest condolences to Marc’s family.  He will be missed.

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