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FIOS is the best thing ever.

by Brandon on December 12th, 2007

In case you were wondering.

  • It takes 10-15 seconds for a (standard def) video from Xbox Live to be ready to play.
  • I frequently download files at about 2 MB/sec from good servers.
  • Orb is amazing with 15mbps upload
  • Same goes for Remote Desktop
  • Bit Torrents aren’t choked by stupid Comcrap throttling software
  • My connection doesn’t drop momentarily every few minutes like it did with Comcrap, kicking Trillian off of AIM and causing lag in Halo.
  • Sure, it’s not even been a week, but the service has been operational 100% of that time.  No middle of the night service interruptions so far.

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  1. Brandon permalink

    Saddly, here in Ohio, time warner has a monopoly over the market, all I have is cable, I’m never going to get FIOS.

  2. I hate you. 🙂

  3. Dan permalink

    10-15 seconds? For a FIOS connection? For “standard” def? Just how high-def is this “standard” def anyways?!?!

  4. It’s DVD quality 480p video downloaded from Live. It lets you begin to play the video once a large enough chunk is downloaded. I think in my case it usually downloads 30-40MB before playing – which is what takes 10-15 seconds. In other words, it’s very very fast.

  5. FiOS lover permalink

    FiOS is the ONLY way to go !!

    BLOWS Optimum Online out of the freakin water……!!!!!

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