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Two wrongs make a… start-up?

by Brandon on May 29th, 2008

I just read this post on the Revision3 blog from their CEO, describing a massive Denial of Service attack perpetrated against them over the Memorial Day weekend.  The attack came from a company called MediaDefender

Now why would MediaDefender be trying to put Revision3 out of business? Heck, we’re one of the biggest defenders of media around. So I stopped by their website and found that MediaDefender provides “anti-piracy solutions in the emerging Internet-Piracy-Prevention industry.” The company aims to “stop the spread of illegally traded copyrighted material over the internet and peer-to-peer networks.” Hmm. We use the internet and peer-to-peer networks to accelerate the spread of legally traded materials that we own. That’s sort of directly opposite to what Media Defender is supposed to be doing.


Apparently attacking other people’s computer networks is a legitimate business foundation these days, they even call it an “industry.”

As far as I can tell, their entire “industry” is the internet version of going around and blowing up record shops that have been rumored to give away pirated albums.  How, again, is this legal?

Hmm… I wonder if any of those fancy new anti-terrorism laws could be applied to MediaDefender.

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  1. Surely Revision3 can actually take MediaDefender to court over this?! DoS is an attack against their property?!

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