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Microsoft Intern Video 2008 – The Spy

by Brandon on August 8th, 2008

In traditional Microsoft fashion, this year’s interns have put together a video about Microsoft… in this case, telling the story of a spy trying to find all our Win7 secrets 🙂

Somebody posted the video to YouTube, which you can find here.

Random trivia:  The building that this takes place in is my building, building 86.  There’s a joke or two in there about the maze-like design of the first floor of building 86 – or what is affectionately known as “Bunker 86” by many of its inhabitants.  The building itself used to be part of the SafeCo campus purchased by Microsoft in recent years, which is why it doesn’t conform to any of Microsoft’s usual natural-light-maximizing layouts.

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  1. dovella permalink

    Nice video 😀 😀 😀
    in the video there is also the office of Paolo ?

  2. Arlie Singleton permalink

    Great video! Thanks for the post, It made me smile 🙂

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