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I’m with Scoble, these start-up web sites suck

by Brandon on September 7th, 2008

If you’re launching a start-up at Demo or TC50, you need to do better than any of these.

If your home page links to a PDF “info sheet” you fail.

Now, some of these suck for the sole reason that the start-up itself seems to be a pointless idea.  Some combine terrible company and product names with seemingly useless or redundant offerings.  Maybe they do have something compelling to offer, but they aren’t selling me on it.

Others, though, might be interesting but don’t even try.  Some of them look like they installed Community Server or something like it and forgot that you’re actually supposed to customize more than just the name.  One doesn’t even let you in.

Robert also linked to Quantivo, an example of a good website.  Maybe we’ll see more on Monday when the TC50 start-ups are revealed.  So far, though, I don’t expect to ever hear of most of the Demo companies again after this week.

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  1. His points where definetly valid, he just kind of went about expressing it pretty aggrresivly…

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