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by Brandon on September 27th, 2008

You may have noticed a “surge” if you will of politically-oriented posts on this blog.  I do apologize to those who feel I am polluting their newsreader’s technology folder, but ask that you understand this blog as being about my life and things that seem interesting to me.  I have done my best to categorize my posts, and each category does have its own feed available.  For example, if you want just my technology related posts, you may prefer to subscribe to this feed. 

On the other hand, these posts are entirely seasonal, and will most likely end completely after barely more than another month.  If you can bare with them, you may actually find value in my perspective, even if you don’t share it or agree with my political ideology.  I strive to make sure each of my posts has some unique value and is not just a link or “Go Obama!” cheerleading.  In fact, I greatly value the opinions and perspectives of others, so if you do disagree with what I write, my preference would be for you to respond!  Tell me how you see the world, and perhaps we can learn from each other’s perspectives =)

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