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Indexer Status gadget updated

by Brandon on October 8th, 2008

I updated my Windows Search indexer gadget with a couple of fixes.  If you run the gadget, you may want to update in order to fix issues with the play and fast-forward (“index now”) buttons not properly reflecting the state of the indexer back-off feature after clicking one of them.

Also, if you like the gadget, please go to the Gadget Gallery page and give it a good rating 🙂

Download Indexer Status Gadget on Live Gallery

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  1. Igor permalink


    is it normal, that adding v1.2 to sidebar doesn’t detect the previous version (no kind of update handling), which will result in having two versions installed?

  2. Adding 1.2 if you have 1.1 should prompt you to upgrade. I just verified that behavior on my machine. Not really sure why yours would be any different.

  3. dovella permalink

    Thank’s Brandon

  4. tuc permalink

    F3 search fails on folders with a number sign (#) in the name

    Problem: Attempting to search inside a folder (by pressing F3) fails when the folder has the number sign (#) in its name (the only exemption is when it’s the first character).

    The search fails with an error that it couldn’t find the path. Sorry, my screenshot is from a german Vista, but you can easily try it yourself.

  5. tuc, I can’t seem to reproduce that bug.

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