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Windows 7 Beta hotkey cheat sheet

by Brandon on January 10th, 2009

Got yourself a shiny new Windows 7 Beta install? Here’s a little cheat sheet I made up for some of the handy new hotkey combinations, many of which I’ve become quite dependent on!


Win+Up Maximize
Win+Down Restore / Minimize
Win+Left Snap to left
Win+Right Snap to right
Win+Shift+Left Jump to left monitor
Win+Shift+Right Jump to right monitor
Win+Home Minimize / Restore all other windows
Win+T Focus the first taskbar entry
Pressing again will cycle through them, you can can arrow around.
Win+Shift+T cycles backwards.
Win+Space Peek at the desktop
Win+G Bring gadgets to the top of the Z-order
Win+P External display options (mirror, extend desktop, etc)
Win+X Mobility Center (same as Vista, but still handy!)
(# = a number key)
Launches a new instance of the application in the Nth slot on the taskbar.
Example: Win+1 launches first pinned app, Win+2 launches second, etc.
Win + +
Win + –
(plus or minus key)
Zoom in or out.

Windows Explorer

Alt+P Show/hide Preview Pane

Taskbar modifiers

Shift + Click on icon Open a new instance
Middle click on icon Open a new instance
Ctrl + Shift + Click on icon Open a new instance with Admin privileges
Shift + Right-click on icon Show window menu (Restore / Minimize / Move / etc)
Note: Normally you can just right-click on the window thumbnail to get this menu
Shift + Right-click on grouped icon Menu with Restore All / Minimize All / Close All, etc.
Ctrl + Click on grouped icon Cycle between the windows (or tabs) in the group

Note that this list focuses on stuff that’s specific to Windows 7. For a complete list of Windows Vista hotkeys (which should be largely unchanged except where noted above), visit this page on or look in the Windows Help file.

If there’s something you think I should add, post a comment!

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  1. Ehem permalink


    That neat coverflow thing.

  2. Мало:) Пиши дальше, а то обрывается как-то на самом интересном месте.

  3. Peter Armenti permalink

    is there a hotkey shortcut for putting the computer in sleep mode?

  4. Guo Wei permalink

    there is windows+l to lock the computer and windows+r to start the run window

  5. sarah permalink

    is there a way to manually open my dvd rom drive?

  6. bob 92 permalink

    i know one its really cool its like win tab but try win+ctrl it shows you everything thats out in a smaller version so you can see everything insted of scrolling through it

  7. Patrick permalink

    if you click and hold down on the top of any open window then shake the window left and right… this will minimize all other windows. Not sure how helpful this is but it’s cool.

  8. Kiosk permalink

    Common keyboard shortcuts on the virtual keyboard:

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  10. Bonnie permalink

    Thanks Brandaon,
    can u tell me how to turn off the backlight on the computer to save energy when I walk away for a few minutes. U then just touch any key and it comes back. I don’t always want to put it in sleep mode (Fn + F4) because u need to put in your password to take out of sleep mode.

  11. Here’s a full list of Windows 7 hotkeys. It’s x10 times larger.

  12. HELP!!!! As I am typing anything, even this, other screens come up. PLEASE HOW DO I TURN THIS OFF. I have Windows 7. I am so frustrated with this feature that I don’t want. Thank you!

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  15. Guy permalink

    I have a question about the Win+#
    (# = a number key). How do you launch a program that is over the 10th place? For example, Outlook is in position 12 on my taskbar, and pressing Win+1+2 obviously doesn’t open the 12th program but the 1st program and 2nd program instead.

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  21. You can add your own custom hotkeys with WinKeyPlus (

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  23. George permalink

    how do you press win?

  24. Nice post, thanks 😀 there are a few shortcuts you missed on take a gander

  25. thx for the list its really cool

  26. Manohar rao permalink

    Thanks the blog is awe some. Can u tell me how put sleep & wake mode in windows 7

  27. Manohar rao permalink

    Thanks the blog is awe some. Can u tell me how put sleep & wake mode in windows 7.

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  30. TomO permalink

    How do I turn OFF ALL Shortcuts? Every time I fat finger a couple keys I switch to another keyboard language or when I press the Quote key I get nothing, then press again and I get 2 – how can this be the Default that ships with Outlook? Huge productivity loss. Please advise steps to turn off ALL Outlook 2010 shortcuts, and not have to do this every time I launch Outlook – hopefully Microsoft has made this feature available – tho burried beyond belief. tks!!!

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