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E7 Blog: Federated Search in Windows 7

by Brandon on March 23rd, 2009

Late last night Steven updated the E7 Blog with a post about Federated Search in Windows 7.  I co-authored the post with two program managers from my team.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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  1. Josh permalink

    I just realised how great Federated Search can be –

    I wanted to post a picture to Facebook, so instead of downloading the picture to my comp than uploading to Facebook I could use the Flickr Federated search addin Long Zheng created. From Facebook you can just go “browse my computer”, search Flickr from Explorer, find the pic you wanted and post it directly to Facebook =)

    Really handy.

  2. Janson permalink

    Hi Brandon… this is a great right up, in an easy to understand manner. Moving forward if MS can provide .OSD files for some popular sites and make them available as is done with the search providers for IE, you could be onto a real winner. Likewise for application vendors who are hooking in, and making opensearch results avaiable, and have an OSD that can be used within Win7 Explorer. (Like Exchange Archiving products for example). In particular calling out Federated Search in the common file dialogs is a big win. You will be surprised how many users still do most of their file management there! Look forward to trying out these features more as we get closer to release. Cheers, Janson

  3. Walter permalink

    Hi Brandon!
    Nice to see the active work you and team are doing, and I´m even glad to see you actively posting comments in that topic of “Enginnering Windows”.
    I wanted to reply there, but I could not, so, I posted my reply in the official “Have Comments” forums. ( ) (My nick is Warel in there).

    I would like if you could read it and reply, since I directly quoted you.
    Thanks a lot!

  4. hexaae permalink

    Just a feature request for Windows Search: could you add in the “Properties for file type: Music” the “duration:h.m.s”? Would be handy to better find mp3 etc.


  5. hexaae permalink

    Wait… I’ve just found that “duration:0000000” does work! So to search for MP3 greater than 6 min I can use “music duration >3600000000” (360 seconds + 7 zeros)… Why 7 zeros afterwards? Please Brandon can you explain?

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