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I am not happy with AT&T customer service.

by Brandon on June 29th, 2009

I’m confused.  AT&T wants me to pay $599 for a 16GB iPhone 3GS.  $599!?!  I’ve been an AT&T subscriber for about 3 years now.  I always pay on time.  I first signed up with a BlackJack.  Then less then a year after that, I bought an iPhone at full price on its launch day.  Then last year I upgraded to a 3G as soon as I found a store with one in stock.

Now I’m aware that most 3G users aren’t getting the discounted $199/$299 pricing that new subscribers are getting.  Though apparently some people are getting that deal.  Most others are paying $399/$499 depending on the model.  But $599/$699?  That’s ludicrous.

What’s more, I actually bought another iPhone 3G from the AT&T store at FULL PRICE in February, after my original iPhone 3G was stolen.  Apparently, even though I paid full price, they extended my contract and upgrade eligilibility from that point in February.  I asked very specifically, and was told by the AT&T store staffer, that replacing my iPhone 3G at full price would not affect my upgrade eligibility. 

Well, apparently that’s not true.  Even though I paid the full $399 price for an 8GB replacement phone, I’m now listed as not eligible to upgrade until 7/15/2010.  Seriously.  If I’d been told that buying that full price replacement would extend my contract and upgrade term, I obviously wouldn’t have done it, and would’ve just bought one on eBay or Craiglist.  In retrospect, I probably should’ve done that anyway.

So this afternoon I spent a good 20 minutes going over this with a customer service rep who insisted that I had never bought an iPhone 3G last summer and that I “upgraded” to the 3G from an original iPhone in February at an Apple Store.  The account summary she forwarded me indicates an upgrade and new contract in February but doesn’t indicate what I “upgraded” from or where I did it, so I think she was just making that up.

I told her I wouldn’t care about the contract being renewed if she could just fix my upgrade eligibility, since it should be based on the last time I got a discount on a phone, not the last time I paid full price for a replacement.  She said this couldn’t be done, and refused to transfer me to anybody else.

The best she could tell me was that I needed to take any paperwork I had to the AT&T store in Bellevue and try to convince them to fix it for me.  This means rummaging through boxes (since I just moved) to hopefully find at least the receipt for the new phone, and taking at least an hour out of my time, with very little promise of actually achieving anything.

I’m going to try that tonight or tomorrow.  If they can’t help me, I may have to go take a look at the Pre.

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  1. Dave permalink

    I once upon a time vowed to never, ever, ever use AT&T Wireless again. Forever. Period. They were complete dickheads. They screwed me out of a couple hundred $$’s – frankly I don’t even remember what the specifics of the situation are, I just remember that I was never again going to let AT&T screw me, they were never going to get another penny of my hard-earned money and I fervently wished they would go bankrupt so I could laugh at their demise.

    And then the iPhone 3G came out. AT&T only.


  2. Michael permalink

    Sorry man, that really sucks. I’d try to get in touch with their Executive Customer Service team. I can promise you they will get you better results.

  3. att is full of shit and i will like to have some word whit the president big buesnis nids to give people a break and all so explean the contrac opsions better

  4. Michael, what is the contact info for the “Executive Customer Support” you mentioned in your post?

  5. Tucker Steinmetz permalink

    I have had my email address for several years. It is an ATT domain. I have used when all I had was dial-up and with DSL and U-Verse. Now I must give up my U-Verse and will be stuck with dial-up over land line and an air card at primary residence where U-Verse is not available. While enjoying U-Verse in a secondary residence, I have continued to use my sbcglobal account through dial-up elsewhere. Now ATT says that giving up U-Verse means that I must give up my sbcglobal email address. Even though it works as dial-up today, they say they can’t let me keep it and pay the dial-up fee. “Our system won’t allow it your account and address will go away.” Why?

  6. tracey permalink

    AT&T is horrible. They have no respect for their long term customers. AT&T is trying to get more money out of innocent customers. I’m switching and never going there again. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE

  7. daniel permalink

    insane,horrible, rediculas,sad , hideus unbelieveable, customer service that i never knew exsisted i ordered service oct 13 and by nov 27 still no service most of them are liers, that dont know their job.


  9. James permalink

    at & t is the worst service I experienced. They just loot the money from the customers in legal ways. The customer service or any other contact persons are just offer the service like they are treating their customers like shit. at & t must understand that there are many service provider with better price & better service. Your days are gone, you are now on the edge of bankrupt. Good bye at & t


  10. Dave permalink

    “Executive Customer Support” 210-8214105 “Randall L. Stephenson is the CEO. Becky Miue in the Executive Office is your best bet she can get it done, you have to be a little forceful but she will do it. Good luck, this is the worst company I have ever dealt with, and I would suggest you not use the AT&T/DirectTV bundle their billing is not working and they bill you indilviguly both at their own rate and not the bundle rate.


  11. Chris permalink

    WOW … I can’t believe what they’re trying to pull. I learned about ATT in college and got away from them, swearing never to return. Then one day, happy with my cingular account …. gobble gobble, I’m stuck again.

    I moved to an area with no service. I have no home phone and am a father to two girls (one and nine). I complained and they gave me a microcell (patchy at best). About a month ago my one year old drank sunscreen … a lot of sunscreen. I frantically dialed 911 .. no service. I dialed my wife’s phone … no service. It took fifteen minutes to connect with poison control. It worked out alright – but that was too close for me.

    I called ATT and spoke with what seemed like a great person (Josh Sutton). He said he understood and was sorry they couldn’t do more – that a disconnect fee would be assessed but it was automatic. Once my bill came I could call and they’d wipe it off. He was going to note my account, that I needed to switch my number to a new carrier, and have a nice life.

    Pfft. So the bill comes and the charge is there. I just called and talked to the biggest ass of all the big asses in the big ass customer service department of big ass ATT (Nick Anderson … did I mention ASS?). 41 minutes into it, he isnt bending. He says it doesn’t matter what I was told, that Mr. Sutton never noted it in my account so it doesn’t count and that I have to pay. I told him he could be typing about his elementary school for all I know – and it doesn’t matter. What matters to me is what I’m told. Then he say’s if I come back they’ll drop the charges, but If I stay with the new company I have to pay.

    I ask for his supervisor – but he says its pointless because everyone will agree with him. I press for a name … Cody Benson I’m told. I ask for a number. He doesn’t have a direct line I’m told. ‘You work for a phone company and your manager has no phone?’ I ask. It doesn’t matter, he says. If there’s nothing else I can do for you, have a good night … Did I mention ASS???

    I tried to call the executive customer support number posted above. I select option six, for executive offices … hang up. Grrrrr. I’m not done with this.

    Any suggestions – PLEASE EMAIL ME with ATT in the subject line.

  12. I have had nothing but problems, since i changed from verizon to att.. Big mistake, if its not broke dont fix it..Just trying to save a buck.. You get what you pay for. And now im paying for a headache, to many problems cant get on line half the time, then when i finally do, get shut down or dropped.. or ask for pass word & user id, & pass word then comes back & says its not correct.. Same one ive always used. its a huge headache, get upset every time i get on it…

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