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eWeek analyst agrees about Google Voice iPhone rejection

by Brandon on August 4th, 2009

Andrew Garcia is about a week late to the party, but has posted an article about why he thinks Apple is building Google Voice-like functionality into a future version of MobileMe.

This is, of course, something I (and others) wrote about last week. Unfortunately Andrew doesn’t bring any new evidence to the table and just echoes the same theory. So I guess the best we can do at this point is wait and see if the FCC investigation started on Friday sheds any light on the situation.

Anyway, this makes me wonder why it took so long for a mainstream tech blog to catch on? Is everyone just that anxious to vilify AT&T?

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  1. Andrew Garcia permalink

    Sorry, I bury my head in the labs sometime and only pop up now and then.

    How about this evidence? Apple letting Newber rot in certification hell, until they finally just gave up the whole project once Google made it clear they were moving Grandcentral along.

    This would indicate that Apple may have been planning something as early as a year ago, but probably weren’t very far along. So they stalled indefintely, instead of pulling out the “conflict with existing features” defense.

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