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When final notices aren’t very final.

by Brandon on April 8th, 2010

Yesterday I was very excited to receive a message from SIRIUS Satellite Radio which was labeled as the “final notice” in their incessant attempts to sign me up after my trial subscription, which came free with my car, had expired.

Unfortunately, it seems they couldn’t live up to their promise.

Siriusly.  Two 'final notices' in two days?

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  1. anonymous permalink

    You use Gmail and are still not fired from Microsoft?

  2. I actually have both a Hotmail and a Google Apps account. Why would that matter?

  3. I receive these types of emails all the time on my website. It constantly plagues me because most of them involve these hidden fees that you don’t see clearly with your eyes until they charge you. I learned my lesson when I signed up for banking online and they constantly sent me final notices saying my subscription was ending and to renew it for a certain amount of days/months free. Then in small print it would tell you that they’re are charging you so and so amount after free trial ends.

  4. i receive these fake emails sometime giving me prizes of thousands of dollars(lol) and asking for my credit card information

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