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On GroupOn’s ads

by Brandon on February 7th, 2011

 I may be going against the grain here, if the comments on GroupOn’s blog post are any indication.  But I don’t really care what GroupOn’s intentions were, to be honest.

I found the ads hilarious and edgy.

I also found them thought-provoking because the issues they highlighted are important ones which people (myself included) often take for granted. The fact that ad was jarring was, in my opinion, it’s brilliance. It made me laugh, and then feel bad and thoughtful about the fact that I laughed. You see, my brain had filed these issues in the “past” category, the sort of thing you get used to seeing used in this sort of humor.  When was the last time you heard anyone talk about Tibet or the rainforest?  Seeing these ads made me realize these things are still happening and jarred my brain into realizing its mistake.  And with any luck, correcting it.

Mission accomplished, I think.

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