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Search Champs returns!

by Brandon on December 2nd, 2005

For those that don’t remember – the MSN Search Champs program is what originally brought me to Redmond. According to the official MSN Search Blog, Search Champs are a group of “academics, bloggers, siteowners, and technologists” that are invited out to Redmond for a couple days to meet with various teams at Microsoft/MSN and talk about Search.

With all the amazing work going on around these hallways these days, I’ve been anxious to get more Champs out here to give us some real honest feedback about what we’re doing. I really think events like this can help keep a team on track or put them back if they’ve lost focus of what’s impotant to the user.

So guess what? We’re having another one! 🙂 You can read the full details here.

Also, this time we’re doing things a little different. How so?

First of all, we’re making an Open Call for applicants that would like to participate. Think you belong at this event? Let us know! Or do you know someone else who we absolutely must consider? Tell us!

Second, the format will be a bit different. I don’t know if all the details have been worked out, but basically we want Champs to have some face time with the teams they’re most interested in talking to (about the project they’re most interested in talking about).

Some final details ripped from the official post:

The event will take place in Redmond (on the MS campus) from 1/24-1/26 and expenses will be paid by us. Champs will be selected based on who applies and what products we are reviewing. Hope to meet you!

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  1. Brandon,

    Will you guys be announcung the participants in Search Champs today? (Will I be on the list?) 🙂

    Giovanni Gallucci
    Managing Partner

    Kinetic Results, LLC
    Strategic Online Presence Management
    15950 Dallas Parkway
    Suite 400
    Dallas, TX 75248

    voice • 469-682-6978
    web •

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