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Snow is nearly gone

by Brandon on December 1st, 2006

Sadly the New York weather that visited Seattle earlier this week seems to be all but gone.  In fact it looks like the last remnants are gathering in my backyard for one last party before being washed away by the Seattle rain (you didn’t think the Sun would have anything to do with it – did you?)

It was fun while it lasted, though.  My friend Jon (who went to school with me in Rochester) and I drove around on Tuesday enjoying the white-covered trees and blasting Christmas carols through my car’s XM radio.  This violated my no-christmas-music-until-december rule, but it was an opportunity that likely won’t present itself again.  Without snow, it never feels like Christmas.

So now that I’ve managed to bring snow and ice to Seattle, my next trick will be to replace the word “pop” with the proper term, “soda.”  If I succeed there, who knows what ambitious feat I could set my sights on.  Maybe I could even teach the people of Seattle how to drive.

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  1. Dave permalink

    Soda. Pop. Who cares. At least people around here don’t call everything “coke”. But on the driving front…I’m a little concerned.

    In locales where the majority of people actually know how to drive, it seems they are also rude and regard cyclists and pedestrians as little more than “targets”. Seattle drivers may indeed be generally clueless, prone to slow speeds in the left lane and frequently go miles with their blinker on for no reason other than the warning they are providing to those behind that they are talking on their cell phone. But, with the exception of Microsofties on the Microsoft campus, Seattle drivers are generally good about making room for cyclists and stopping for people in crosswalks.

    Moreover, they are appropriately shy about using their horn. I hate being somewhere people start honking their horn, for no reason whatsoever, as soon as the light for the other direction turns yellow. Like that 72 milliseconds they save by “warning” the person at the front of the line about the impending light change is going to add up to anything useful.

    So, if you can find some way to educate Seattle drivers about the difference between a “fast lane” and a “slow lane”, without turning them into, say, New York drivers, I’m all for it.

  2. Rohan Maloney permalink

    Ha, I laughed at two comments you made, one was it never seems like christsmas without snow.. Living in Sydney, Australia , we are deined on the snow. Just to make fun Christmas last year was 100 F and yep we had a piping hot meal in the middle of the day. it was AWESOME… As for Soda or POP, we all know its called a soft drink.. If you ask fo0r soda in OZ you would get a soda water, water with bubbles, If you asked for POP you would get a fart in your direction. As for the driving, lets start small how about we get the majority of people both in US and Australia to stop driving massive 4 wheel drives or SUV’s when the most they would do would be mount a gutter. I have driven ins seattle and I agree with the blinker thing that does kill me.

    Merry Christmas , even without snow … you can still get naked.

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