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Niall Kennedy – unsubscribed

by Brandon on December 7th, 2006

I just unsubscribed from Naill Kennedy’s blog.  Why?  Because it turns out he’s a petty, thoughtless punk.  He admits he never made any attempt to contact the blogger or anyone at Microsoft about the post – despite having countless avenues to do so (a comment, an e-mail, the feedback form on the site, etc).  Instead he perpetrated a childish and disgusting prank.

As a commenter on Niall’s blog pointed out, Niall is also most likely on the wrong side of the copyright issue he’s using to justify his actions.  He hasn’t responded to the question of whether he received permission from the person in the photo (Dean Hachamovitch of the IE team) or the owner of several trademarks that appear in the background of the image (Microsoft), especially considering Niall’s claim that he wants to charge a royalty for use of the photo under a Creative Commons license. 

Furthermore, I wonder if Niall received permission from the originator of the photo he replaced his photo on Flickr with (the infamous “goatse” picture) that then appeared on the RSS Team’s blog for a short time.  I’m betting he didn’t, and that this is nothing more than an immature prank he’s trying to justify and not an earnest “defense of copyrighted material” as Niall claims.  If it were, he would have contacted the blogger, his employer, or his host.  And not stooped to such perverted means of retribution.

What do you think?

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  1. How right you are.

    It’s a sad that this kind of reaction is not really surprising, as most people always react the same way when the name “Microsoft” comes up.

    I tend to forget how childish people can be.

  2. It’s worse. I commented and asked why he didn’t just call Microsoft and speak Sean’s name into the phone to talk to him. He worked here, he knows how the phone system works… And he knows Sean.

    And the comment went into a moderation queue and never came out. I mean, come on.

  3. Garth permalink

    Have to agree that it was rather disgusting, childish and immature but then he probably needed the pageviews and a mention in techmeme.

  4. Juan Hunglo permalink

    Whats worse is that you actually felt compelled to unsubscribe and post a rant about it, like your opinion matters. What a schmuck you must feel like…oh wait, there’s your picture, guess that removes all doubt.

  5. stevenk permalink

    My comment went into queue as well and was never published. I was reading the Microsoft site with my 12 year old daughter who I am teaching programming skills. Right now she is interested in RSS so we read the site that got hit. What the hell was I supposed to say to her? This is behavior up there with the disgusting acts of Britney Spears. I just sit and shake my head

  6. Juan – This is my blog. If you don’t care about my opinion, why are you here?

    I’m not really bothered that you don’t like my picture – I don’t think you’re my type anyway.

  7. Brandon, First of, I’m not a big blogger, I maintain a very small personal blog, and I regularly browse many sites for the latest info and then post the Best, and I always give credit to the source, one way or the other.

    As far Niall’s, I’ve seen many posts on his blog as well net, but didn’t bother to post.

    Why, in my opinion, He could have contacted you people, when he saw no accrediation on the pix’s. Rather it was made an un-necessary controversy, that’s ‘coz “Microsoft” only.

    I hope, I’ve not hurt anybody.


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