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Sony PR screw-up #463

by Brandon on March 1st, 2007

Something’s happened to Sony.  It’s like one of their competitors got a Sony voodoo doll and is using it to make them kick themselves in the head repeatedly.  Earlier today popular gaming news outlet Kotaku reported on a rumor as gaming magazines and websites frequently do. 

At this point, most companies would completely ignore the rumor, and maybe give an ironic public comment that they don’t comment on rumors or speculation.  It’s generally the best response for many reasons, including the fact that in most cases it does absolutely nothing to give away the veracity of the rumor.

Instead, Sony decided to confirm the rumor by blackballing Kotaku, disinviting them from their upcoming press events and cutting them off from Sony completely.

If you didn’t have enough reasons to hate Sony before today, rest assured that they’re working hard to earn your scorn.

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  1. Lol, I guess I’m not the only one who things that Sony Sucks:


  2. Artie Kay permalink

    It was the quickest fight in history, as it’s already over. Of course, it’ll still ripple through the ‘net for weeks and months.

    That PR rep should be blackballed, despite the apology.

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