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Sony on crack?

by Brandon on March 2nd, 2007

I take it back, forget the whole voodoo doll thing.  Sony is just on crack.

Now they’re promising to alleviate “shortages” of the PS3 by May.  Apparently their plan involves going back in time to early January and delivering more PS3s than stores can sell.  Holy crap, that means it must have worked!  I’m blown away.  Who knew those crafty japanese had mastered time travel?

Seriously… how stupid are these guys?  And what is their goal?  Do they hope that by pretending there’s a struggle to alleviate “shortages” that some people are going to see a stack of 50 PS3s at Fry’s and think they’ve struck gold?  Despite the signs of retailer desperation that abound?

Desperate retailers can’t move PS3s  Shortage eh?

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