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New Start++ feature

by Brandon on March 4th, 2007

Here’s another feature coming in the next Start++ update that I just finished working some kinks out of:

Quick picture finding!

Find a picture quickly with Start++!

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  1. Tran Binh Nguyen permalink

    Oh my god!!! Can’t believe it…Great work Brandon…
    Waiting for more features to come with v0.5 release…

  2. This thing has to become a PowerToy for Vista!

  3. That’s nice.

    Now, if you could make the start menu to expand over the half of our screen, we would never even have to get out of it 🙂 Soon it’s gonna be able to do Everything 🙂


  4. Stefan permalink

    hmmm strange i don’t get the preview images, only the filename… am i doing somethng wrong?

  5. Mads Egseth permalink

    Hi, i just have to say; i love your tool. It’s the sort of creatism that makes me love computers! But I am having a few problems that you may be able to help me with.

    Important fact: I’m using Windows Vista Ultimate 32, with norwegian language pack. (Do’s this impact any of your variabels?)

    The “play” command: It dosen’t seem to find the files that i am searching for. Sometimes it pops up with a song, and sometimes nothing (most often). If you could program a output function in the program, I could see what go’s wrong and change my searches, mayby the searchcommands.

    The new pic feature: It dosen’t seem too work. No previews comes up in the startmeny. I uninstalled the 0.3 build with the uninstall program function, and installed the new build from scrath.

  6. Mauricio permalink

    Hi same problem as Mads… I can´t see this feature. I´m using spanish version of windows.. any help?

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