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Apple releases BootCamp for Vista

by Brandon on March 28th, 2007

At last, no more scheduled task to restart my mouse driver everytime I resume from sleep =)
The updated driver installer works great on Vista, and installs all the little utilities I hadn’t enabled like the brightness/volume controls. Supposedly there’s some application for controlling start-up options, but I haven’t found it.

Oh, and sound works better now (for some reason, lots of system sounds frequently wouldn’t play on the old driver), as do the idle timers for sleep / screensaver.

It seems like they’ve fixed all the rough edges, except for one thing. For some reason, whenever the Macbook comes out of sleep, it chooses a random state for the NumLock key – but the light on the key itself doesn’t light if it decides to be on. This means that 50% of the time I end up typing an invalid password (because the right half the keyboard becomes a number pad).

All in all, that’s a pretty darn minor gripe compared to the plethora of issues that my Toshiba laptop had.

Bootcamp 1.2 with Vista support

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  1. Morgan permalink

    Hey – I visited your site prior to the Boot Camp 1.2 release looking for help to my Vista on Macbook troubles I was having. I want to say thanks for having solutions and helping us ‘early adopters’.

    However, and perhaps you or your readers may have a solution, I’m continuing to have a weird problem after updating to Boot Camp 1.2 (the problem exisited prior to 1.2 as well).

    When I close the lid, the Macbook goes to sleep like it’s supposed to. And when I re-open the lid it wakes up properly. But the second time I close it it doesn’t go to sleep. Instead the little white indicator light on the front lights up and stays solid. Then when I reopen the lid the light goes off but the display never comes back on.

    At that point I have to do a hard shutdown. Any ideas, suggestions, stock tips?
    Thanks again,
    Tucson, AZ

  2. Justin permalink

    Your problem is due to the wireless drivers. The fix is to update the Atheros wireless drivers, since many of us have done so prior to Bootcamp 1.2, I am not sure if ver 1.2 of Bootcamp has the updated driver. In any event, there is a link to the correct wireless drivers somewhere on Brandon’s page.

  3. Clif permalink

    BootCamp 1.2 makes for a much quicker and cleaner driver install on Vista, but I’m really disappointed that they didn’t add tap support for the trackpad. That really kills me.

    Oh, and it’s still pretty hot and for some reason I can’t get InputRemapper to control my minimum fan speed like I was able to do on 1.1.x. Does anyone know of a fan control app for Vista that works well with the 1.2 drivers?

  4. Peter permalink


    Have you tried the latest version of Input Remapper 1.0.03 (2007-03-24)? As for fan control, I am in search of that as well myself. For the time being, I’m using smc fan control in OS X side to set the fan to a higher RPM before booting into Vista.


    Bootcamp 1.2 does have updated Atheros wireless drivers. I haven’t noticed any sleep problem with Vista; I’m using Vista 64bit, don’t know if that makes any difference.

  5. Morgan permalink

    UPDATE –
    Since my last post, I “fixed” the problem I was having. I did a clean install of Vista (instead of the upgrade) and everything is working properly.

    I had tried the other Wireless driver before I posted, but thanks for your help anyway.

    keep on keepin’ on,

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