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Start++ 0.6

by Brandon on May 21st, 2007

In order to address some bugs that people were hitting with 0.5, I worked last night and this evening to package up version 0.6 for release.

I’ve also removed historical versions from the download page, the latest Start++ release will always live at this URL:

Change list is here.

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  1. Fede777 permalink

    Is there any way to have something like this in xp, without the windows search thing

  2. Sorry, Start++ is only for Vista, as it extends existing Vista functionality.

    XP doesn’t have a search box in the start menu to work with. Thus the closest you’ll get is the Windows Desktop Search deskbar, or something like Dave’s Quick Search Deskbar (“DQSD”).

  3. RobC permalink

    Hey Brandon, great little tool. bit of a glitch I’m running into – whenever I enter any search term starting with “g” before I have a chance to enter a second character, the start menu spazzes a little bit and disappears.

    When I delete the Command Startlet shortcut for the google search, it goes away.

    The yahoo and dictionary shortcuts work fine so it’s not an issue with shortcuts in general.

  4. Hi folks, this one of the most exiting little things i`ve ever seen… and i`m dealing with the matter “computer” since 1982!
    could sb please give me an advice how to create a search that finds everything in drive f:?
    oviously my math f in mature is reasonable….

  5. Christer permalink


    Love start but what I woud like is a way to put “start++” in my sidebar ?

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