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FIOS ordered!

by Brandon on November 30th, 2007

They’re supposed to be sending someone over to install Verizon FIOS service at my place next Wednesday Friday.  15mbps up, 15mbps down.  Just the way the internet was meant to be.  And hopefully, without the Torrent-stifling connection-dropping level of service that Comcast has been supplying for a while now.

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  1. I’m so jealous… that’s awesome, I didn’t even realize FIOS was anywhere near here.

  2. Dan permalink

    I hate to break it to you but do you read Engadget? Comcast announced they were experimenting with prototype 160mbps/120mbps Internet access. Sorry. Your new Internet is now officially slow.

    Of course my first question was “will they throttle it back down like they’re doing with their P2P-using customers?” but I suppose other providers will follow suit with faster speeds if they want to stay in business.

    (Yes, I am jealous of your speed.) 🙁

    I heard FIOS is supposed to be very affordable (I did some research a couple years back as part of a Networking class assignment) in places where it’s available. When I get my own place I’m definitely going to be looking into it.

  3. I am jealous – sort of.

    I noticed the other day that all of a sudden every thing was screaming – did a couple of speed tests from and I was showing better than 22Mbits.

    I was stoked. Of course, my upload still sucks at just over 1024, but….

    I looked for FiOS in my area, not available – time to move, me thinks….

    Enjoy Brandon!

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