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It begins!

by Brandon on October 27th, 2008

Just got through with the first PDC keynote a short while ago.  Since then I played with a Surface computer and met Larry Osterman.  At the Surface machine I was given a little card to take around to all the Surface machines in the convention center for a Scavenger Hunt game.  Basically you set the card down on the Surface table and a ring appears around it with about 10 images.  Then you drag matching images from the virtual tabletop to your card in order to “collect” them.  Each table has 2 of the images you need (and about a dozen you don’t but that other people do).  Apparently there’s a T-shirt in it for me if I fill up my card.

The keynote was really interesting.  I was aware of some of the work going on, but it was great to see it all tied together and to see how impressive the vision for Azure really is.

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