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Windows 7 line-up announced

by Brandon on February 3rd, 2009

Today Microsoft announced the official line-up of Windows 7 editions that will be made available.

Ed Bott does a nice job covering the announcement.

The main changes, which I am very happy about, are:

  • Two main Editions for consumers.  Home Premium, and Professional.
  • Professional now contains Media Center and everything else in Home Premium, as well as the traditional Pro feature set (Remote Desktop, domain support, etc).

Not only is this simpler, but I think it may constitute a price cut for people who needed to buy the Ultimate version of Vista in order to get both Media Center and Remote Desktop (or Domain support) in the same package.  Now they can get a machine with Pro and be all set.

Here’s the official press release / Q&A with Windows General Manager Mike Ybarra.

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  1. Eric permalink

    Brandon, great to hear that Pro will be taking over much of what Ultimate does. That does beg a question: can we upgrade Vista Ultimate to 7 Pro? I don’t use the bitlocker stuff so I don’t mind losing that.

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